Works on Paper. Dotwork illustrations

The artworks for the exhibition 'Works on Paper'. Brick Lane Gallery, London. 2016


‪29th September – 9th October 2016

The Brick Lane Gallery about me:
Paskevska (From Ukraine) is an illustrator with an architectural education. "From my childhood, I fell in love with the beauty of visual art and since that time I constantly seek the ideal way to express the perfection of the outer world throughout the prism of my internal perception." In her series ‘Soul of stone,’ she explores stone and how it is transformed when used in architecture. Since ancient times one of the core materials used in architecture was stone, which was always considered as cold and ‘dead’ material without any sign of life. But the magic happens when a stone becomes a part of the architecture, it frees out its unique potential and soul. Look deeper and feel it… Her works draw from her experience in architecture, her illustrations architectural precision as if they have been carved from stone.'